Bills filed:

  • Protecting Patients with Pre-existing Conditions (HB 2507)
  • Expands Access to Care (HB 873, HB 1588, HB 1589, HB 2498, HB 2205, HB 233, HB 622, HB 1416, HB 2379, HB 1443)
  • Price Transparency (HB 232, HB 1415)
  • Expands Direct Primary Care (HB 233, HB 1416)
  • Creates Affordable HealthInsurance Options (HB 582, HB 1020)
  • Individual Drug Importation (HB 1440
  • PBM Patient Protection (HB 2412)
  • Prohibits Price Gouging (HB 2413)
  • ​And many more...
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​​Steve Helms

"Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction."

Working for you!

John F. Kennedy

Healthcare is Steve Helms’ #1 issue... Making healthcare more affordable and accessible! While some feel that this is a lost issue, Steve Helms knows that there are real steps that we can take to reduce high healthcare costs.

In 2000, Missouri spent 18% of our state budget on Medicaid. Today, just 20 years later, we are spending 39% of our budget on Medicaid! The rising cost of healthcare is taking resources that could go towards education, roads and bridges, and any number of other programs to improve the lives of everyday citizens.

It’s not just the state’s budget that is suffering, but every family and individual is feeling the pressure as well. In 2000, health insurance cost the average family around $7,000 per year, today it costs $20,000!

Not knowing how much your doctor’s and hospital visits will cost are driving up your health insurance premiums. It’s why the experts tell us that the number one action we can take to make healthcare more affordable is price transparency.

Steve Helms has filed a healthcare transparency bill each year he has been in office. Its common sense and one idea that is catching on. More legislators are recognizing this as Steve Helms and others continue to promote this simple reform.

Transparency’s not the only problem. We need to hold down the cost shifting that happens when government underpays our providers, which then becomes a hidden tax on you. If government is going to provide a benefit, then it should pay like everyone else.

It’s possible to have quality healthcare at a price that’s affordable to the average family/individual.  Steve Helms isn’t going to quit until we get there.

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