Thank you for your vote of confidence!

Theodore Roosevelt

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you as your state representative. I am humbled by this honor and will do everything within my power to keep your confidence.

While we have faced many obstacles over these past two years, we have grown our economy, reduced unemployment, fully-funded our K-12 schools, worked to reduce the growing cost of healthcare, while  balancing our State budget! 

Not only that, but we protected your Rights, spend hundreds of millions of dollars more on Medicaid, education, and other social programs that are helping the least fortunate in our state. In all this, we didn't forget you, the taxpayer. By reforming our tax code, more Missourians will be able to keep more of your money and it will make our state more competitive, thereby growing our economy even more.  

Missouri is headed in the right direction and I will continue the positive, pro-growth agenda that we are on.

This website is for campaign use only and is not provided at taxpayer expense.

Steve Helms

Together for the common good

"Believe you can and you’re halfway there."
State Representative Steve Helms

It is an honor to serve you!

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