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Steve on Education - "Springfield R-12 is the largest accredited school system in Missouri serving almost 25,000 students. I will work to make sure our schools are properly funded to ensure our students have the opportunity to recieve a quality education."

"Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction."

Steve Helms for Prosperity

Together for the common good


John F. Kennedy

Show Me Prosperity

1. Grow our economy and increase job opportunities for

2. Expand education opportunities by
properly funding our school!

3. Fight to 
Reduce healthcare costs while increasing access!

Balance the budget!

As I meet and talk with the constituents of the 135th, three issues rise to top - the economy, education, and healthcare.

 Our economy is too weak and we aren't creating enough good paying job opportunities for our people and especially our children. We lack the education opportunities that a changing society demands. Obamacare failed us - it didn't didn't cut costs as promised, but increased them and it hasn't improved the overall health of the people. 

The good news is that there are practical and powerful solutions to these needs. Together, we can implement them by focusing on our common ground for the common good. 

Steve Helms